Penny Lane Gifts

Clothing & Statues

Watch your head as you pass under the stone archway and enter into this mystical emporium of shirts, goods, and statues of various dragons, deities, and fairies.

Black Light Bazaar

Feelin' trippy? Break on through to our psychadelic realm of black light merchandise. Throw on some 3D glasses to really hit the peak. Far out!

Placard Place

Cover that boring empty space with an assortment of awesome wall art. Need a friend? Choose from a wonderful selection of cardboard cutouts .

Jewelry, Crystals, & More!

Wade into the aroma of incense and discover beautiful rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Follow the energy of crystals to find the one calling for you.

Pipes, Vapes, & CBD

Stevie Wander - Grav - Blown - Clover - Eyce - Lookah - Yocan - Puffco - Volcano - Green Roads - And So Much More!!